Kids Tackers Training Underwear - NAVY

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Conni waterproof, absorbent and reusable youth unisex “pull-up” training pants are designed to absorb and protect. Conni Kids Tackers feature our four-layer protection from the front waistband all the way to back waistband.

Slim, fashionable and discreet, these undies are designed for the 'little' accidents and may be useful during daytime potty training. Lightweight and easy to use, machine washable and tumble dryer safe; Conni underwear can be re-used countless times. A cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products.

Note: They should not be used as a replacement for a disposable diaper or pull-up as they will not contain a full volume wee.

Machine washable and tumble dryer safe - Can be used countless times

Cold or warm machine wash (NOT HOT) with a good quality laundry detergent. Conni Absorbent Pads dry quickly on the clothesline or in the tumble dryer on LOW heat. Too much heat can damage the polyurethane backing.

  • Do not use fabric softeners

  • Do not use bleach


 2-421" - 23"
4-622" - 25"
6-823" - 27"
8-1024" - 29"
10-1226" - 31"
 12-1427" - 33"
14-16 28" - 35"

REUSABLE & COST SAVING: Machine-washable and dryer safe. Environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable products

SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Underwear assists with light bladder and bowel leakage. Perfect for catching small accidents while children transition to the up and down routine of normal underwear. (NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR DIAPER)

FOUR LAYER PROTECTION & CAPACITY: Soft polyester top, quick-dry absorbency, with breathable waterproof backing. Discreet, comfortable and quiet.

LAB TESTED & CHEMICAL FREE: All Conni products are Oeko-Tex accredited, PVC and Formaldehyde free, safe to use against the skin.

OPTIONS: Available in 3 colors


There is widespread concern about the use of toxic substances in fabrics used next to the skin because of the negative and sometimes long-term effects on health. Unlike many incontinence products our Bed Pads, Mattress Protectors and absorbent underwear are free of chemicals and fragrances. Your Conni product is Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin.

At Conn, we recognized that PVC should not be used as a waterproof barrier due to its toxicity. For detailed information refer to Technology and Standards.


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