About Us

The Conni range is developed in response to consumer demand and we proudly declare our products free of PVC, latex and formaldehyde. We are recommended by health care professionals and have been evaluated and selected for numerous Australian Government health contracts. This is a testament to our quality, innovation and service.

Galway Trading is ISO9001 and SEDEX accredited.

Benefits of partnering with Galway

      • Our development team are specialists in absorbent and waterproof textile products
      • We have the market influence, distribution system and the knowledge to ensure we bring the best products to our customers
      • Our logistics hubs and investment in inventory ensures prompt delivery of orders
      • Galway is committed to developing strong partnerships and business relationships built on transparency, accountability and respect
      • Galway has an ongoing dedication to brand and product development with commitment that sets us apart from competitors
      • We are a market leader in Incontinence

Our mission statement:

Conni is committed to value and reliability. We are sensitive about incontinence and promise to deliver innovative incontinence products to meet the changing needs of our valued customers. It is with integrity and pride that Conni continues to develop high quality environmentally sustainable products.

Protecting our future:

Our company maintains an ongoing commitment to producing environmentally sustainable products that are functional and cost-effective. Conni products are manufactured in our purpose built vertically integrated production unit minimizing unnecessary transport and packaging. Our range is developed in response to consumer demand and we proudly declare our manufacturing processes free of toxic materials, such as PVC (Vinyl), latex and formaldehyde. We are recommended by clinicians worldwide and have been evaluated and selected for government healthcare contracts in Australia. This is a testament to our customer service excellence, quality and innovation. Not to mention, the average reusable incontinence product achieves a 70% reduction in overall environmental impact compared a standard disposable incontinence item and a 45% reduction when compared to a premium disposable alternative.

Over time, the ongoing costs of using disposable products can become extreme to both the end user and the environment. An estimated cost comparison between a Conni reusable bed pad and a disposable bed pad over a 2 year period of time is shown below.

Pricing below is indicative only.

Incontinence Bed Pad Usage & Costs
Changes Per Day44
Cost Per Item$1.00$41.991
Cost Per Day$4.00$0.232
Cost Per Year (changes per day x cost per item x 365)$1,460$167.963
Laundry Costs Per Year (2 loads per week) $64.4
Total Cost Per Year$1,460.00$231.96
  1. 4 reusable bed pads used over 2 years.
  2. $167.96 (4 items) / 365 (days/year) / 2 (2 years) = $0.23.
  3. 4 items at $41.99 over 2 years = $167.96 per year.
  4. Top loader washing machine, 100% washes in cold water (65°F), Cost of gas $1.24 ($/therm), Cost electricity $0.15.

(per kWh), Cost of water $0.10/gallon, Cost of detergent $0.20/load, 2 loads per week dedicated to incontinence products.